• mass carpet care was great, kind, fast, and caring. they did a great job and checked up on us to make sure the job was done. i truly recommend them and couldn't be happier with their professionalism.

  • I would recommend Mass Carpet Care to friends and associates of mine. Gordy was professional, knowledgeable and was able to take care of our needs. I will certainly pass along his cards to my circle of friends!

Floor Polishing

Hard Floor Polishing Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping hard surface floors clean of the daily tracking of abrasive dust and dirt is one of the most important maintenance issues addressed by Mass Carpet Cleaning. Particles left on the floor surface are active agents of wear when ground in by foot traffic. Appropriate measures to reduce the daily dust and dirt on the floor can greatly affect the maintenance requirements for your hard floor surfaces. A comprehensive floor polishing program designed by Mass Carpet Cleaning for your specific hard floor service can go a long way to increasing longevity and maintaining a consistently pleasant look.

Achieving that “wet look” shine on hard-floors requires much more than daily sweeping and mopping. Mass Carpet Cleaning offers many different types of methods and materials to keep your hardwood, specialty flooring, marble, sheet vinyl, vinyl composite tile (VCT), concrete, and ceramic tile, performing and looking great.

Mass Carpet Cleaning recommends using the correct type and adequate lengths of “walk-off” matting by entrances to dramatically reduce the amount of dirt tracked into your facility. With a regular sweeping/vacuuming and mopping schedule of hard floors, the professionals at Mass Carpet Cleaning will be successful in keeping particle levels down within your work environment. Taking these actions to prevent these damaging particles from being ground into the floor will allow finishes to last longer and reduce the need for more frequent maintenance or replacement later on. This means lower replacement costs to you and your business.

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