Residential Pricing

pet carpetAt Mass, we use a “per area” pricing system. This has been proven to be a much better deal for you, the residential customer. Area pricing was designed to take into account that not all carpeting will be cleaned in most rooms due to furniture. We will move and replace almost anything upon request-for no additional charge! We offer a price of $0.30 per square foot for any areas underground or rooms larger than 250 square feet. This is a standard price for reputable and honest working companies. We charge $45 per area with an area being up to 250 square feet. This equals a room approximately 16 by 16 feet. This is a good sized room, for sure.

Now, let’s multiply 250 square feet by 30 cents. Your total price using normal, 30 cents per square foot pricing, would be $75. However, using our pricing system, your price would be $45 per area. This is why “per area” pricing is always a better deal, regardless of what you have been led to believe elsewhere.

Our promise to you …We are a local and honest company that will go to great lengths to make you a happy customer. Please see our outstanding references and give us a try. Your carpet will come cleaner and stay cleaner longer.

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