Mass Carpet Care LLC is an excellent company!

There was a lot of flooding here in our area this summer and when I called them they made the time to come out to help clean up the basement. I am so glad I found them by doing a web search. Their technicians were prompt, professional and efficient. They were respectful of our home and cleaned up after themselves. They took ample time talking with us about the water damage and what needed to be done to fix it. They also answered any questions we had. I would absolutely recommend Mass Carpet Care LLC!

Kevin Black on Dec 28, 2018

Good Experience!

I believe I have used Mass Carpet Care LLC. a couple of times. The carpet technician that came out was very cordial and worked very, very hard cleaning the entire upstairs. He immediately went to work upon arriving! Everything turned out very well and I am very pleased with the results!

Steven R on Dec 13, 2018

Extremely Pleased with product and service.

Value Friendly and the best customer service!!

Georgia Mcwilliam on Dec 01, 2018

Good Carpet Cleaning for Great Price

I have used Mass Carpet Care LLC a few times now and they always do great work. On this last visit I had them steam clean two rooms and a hallway. They were prompt, professional and courteous. I would tell anyone that they do a good job especially for the pricing! They are a great value for the money! I definitely recommend Mass Carpet Care LLC!

Madolyn Rogers on Nov 30, 2018

Great quality and results

The team at Mass Carpet Care does a great job with your carpets and will work hard to make it look as good as possible. They cleaned some hallways for us that had been long neglected and they took the time to make sure they did the best job possible for us.

Adam Maves on Oct 11, 2018

Wonderful Work!

Mass Carpet Care LLC cleaned the carpet in my entire house, for me, and they did a marvelous job! They were very organized and professional, and the work was extremely thorough. There really weren't any problems at all, and they cleaned absolutely everything up, before leaving. I was entirely satisfied with the experience, and I'd be happy to recommend them to others.

Steven R on Sep 12, 2018

They Came Out the Same Day We Called

Mass Carpet Care LLC really came through for us when we had very heavy rain, 13 inches in 24 hours, which caused water to get into the basement. Thousands of houses in the area had this happen so it was very difficult to get someone to come quickly, but they actually came out the same day we called. They dried everything out and did a mold prevention treatment. I thought the price was fine.

Kevin Black on Sep 11, 2018


Mass Carpet Care LLC came in to do flood restoration. They were very responsive and extremely supportive. They educated me which turned out to be very informative and hopefully corrective after this flood. They did all of this and were extremely empathetic. All of the work was finished in a timely manner.

Lori Moyniham on Aug 30, 2018

Excellent Work!

I hired Mass Carpet Care LLC most recently, to work on my father's home because they did such a good job when I hired them, initially, for my own. They are just tremendous, across the board. They've communicative, efficient, professional, and well-prepared. I've never had any problems with them and I would absolutely encourage others to use them, as well. They did excellent work, twice over, and they deserve excellent ratings, most definitely!

Gerry S on Aug 07, 2018

I was "NOT" Disappointed.

I found Mass Carpet Care LLC., via a flyer that came in the mail with a coupon. I went to their website and read their reviews and gave them a call. I scheduled them out to clean all the carpets in my home. They asked a lot of questions which I found refreshing because it told me they were interested in the care of my carpets. I also asked them a lot of questions which they were able to answer. They were very helpful in things that I could do myself for my own carpets in the future. This visit proved to me that the reviews were spot on and very helpful. I will use them again and will tell others about their services. I was not disappointed!

Lynn N on Jul 03, 2018

Efficient, Professional, and We Will Be Calling Them Back!

I have Mass Carpet Care LLC. clean most of the rooms in my home once a year. I always hire them back because they are very good at what they do. If I have a spot on the carpet that needs treated they always treat and never charge me! They are extremely efficient and professional with their service which saves me a lot of time. The carpets always look great when their finished and I have recommended them to others!

Abby Green on May 24, 2018

Terrific Job!

I hired Mass Carpet Care to clean the carpet in my living room, and they did a terrific job. They were very friendly and communicaitve and I was very happy that I hired them. It was a pretty standard job, and they put something extra on the area that had animal stains, and it all looks great, now. They called to let me know that they were cgoing to be a couple minutes delayed, which I really appreciated, and I really couldn't be happier with their work. Definitely five stars!

Joanne L on Apr 12, 2018

Excellent Service

This was my first time using the services of Mass Carpet Care and they did a great job. When I called them to schedule a time, they were willing to accommodate my time frames, which I appreciated. Once scheduled, they came out in a timely manner and they did a nice job. The technicians were very professional and efficient. The pricing was good as I used an online deal. I would call them again if I needed a similar service.

Lynn N on Apr 02, 2018

They Are Always Great

We've worked with Mass Carpet Care a bunch of times and they are always great. They deserve five-star ratings across the board. They're easy to work with, arrive on time, and the technicians are always professional. I would recommend this service to anyone looking for quality carpet cleaning.

Abby Green on Feb 23, 2018

Calling Them Back for More Work!

I had a good experience with Mass Carpet Care and I do recommend them! They were really good at doing them work in a timely manner. Their technicians were very professional and got things done quickly. They also charged a good price for what they do. I was satisfied with how things turned out. In fact, I was happy enough that I'm scheduling another session with them this spring.

Judy A on Feb 09, 2018

All Around Great Company.

We have worked alongside Mass Carpet Care on multiple projects so far and they have never failed to provide us with excellent workmanship. We had heard so many positive things about them in the past that we had to check them out. They have a very friendly staff and hardworking installation crew. They rarely make any mistakes and are really upfront with issues that come up during the process. They have great rates, especially for the quality of work that they perform. We would highly recommend their services.

Brenna K on Jan 19, 2018

Highly Recommended

It was my first time using Mass Carpet Care, and they did a really good job. They were called to carpet-clean the stairwells and landing of a fraternity house, which was really bad, but I was impressed, they did a good job. I've already recommended them to others, and I'm going to have them come back every 6 months.

Catherine Jordan on Jan 08, 2018

Excellent, Affordable Service

I had an excellent experience with Mass Carpet Care. I hired the company to do carpet work on the entire house. The staff worked on all of the bedrooms, dining rooms, office, living room, stairways, and hallways. They also worked on the tile flooring in the kitchen and also on some chairs. This entire project was my first time using them and I would highly recommend them to other people. I appreciate that the work wasn't too expensive for me and that the quality was still great. I will definitely keep using this company for any future service if I need to. I find the staff very easy to work with. They are friendly, accommodating, and very affordable.

Sara Klemme on Dec 11, 2017

They Are Great!

We have used Mass Carpet Care many times. Gordy does all of our rentals. Recently they did the carpets in our own home, and they did a very good job. We love them. We think they are great! We can call them at all hours, and they are always ready to help us at the last minute or in a crisis. They are always polite & courteous. We will use them again, and I would definitely recommend them.

Kari Stopple on Dec 08, 2017

Excellent Work, Very Pleased!

I was very happy with the service that I received from Mass Carpet Care. They had a really big job to do because they had to perform a carpet care service for my entire house (minus two bedrooms). I have used them three times now over the course of two years and I would say that the staff has always been friendly, professional, and easy to work with. I have already recommend them and I will continue to use them. I just appreciate that the staff is always honest with their service and to their customers. I never really had any problems with the work and I have always been able to reach them when necessary.

Abby Green on Nov 17, 2017

They were professional.

The technicians who helped me from Mass Carpet Care were very professional when they cleaned five or six rooms of carpeting. The reason why they didn't get a five is because when they left, I asked if they had an air freshener--just something that makes the carpet smell clean; but, when they left, it smelled like wet carpet. I wanted it to be clean and fresh smelling, and it didn't. And I don't think they prespotted at all because there were a couple spots that didn't come all the way out.

Gail Talbot on Nov 15, 2017

Great Cleaning, Would Use Again!

This was my first time with Mass Carpet Care LLC and I found them through a Groupon. I had them clean my carpeted stairs and the carpeting in my home. It all turned out great and the cleaners were professional, friendly, and made no messes. Their pricing was great because of the Groupon and I was very pleased with their work. They were very responsive and I would certainly use them again!

Rich Yyaeger on Nov 09, 2017

They Did What They Needed to Do

We got a Groupon for Mass Carpet Care and had them come in. They did what they needed to do and got out. They didn't talk to me too much or anything. They did a good job with the cleaning and the price with the Groupon was good, but I probably wouldn't have done it otherwise.

A. Johnson on Oct 03, 2017

Great, Quick Service!

This was my first time with Mass Carpet Care LLC. I found them from an online Groupon and they got me in real quick. I had two apartment rooms cleaned and they did a great job. It was easy to schedule with them and I found the worker that came to be professional and quick. Their pricing was very good. I will definitely go back and I would recommend them to others.

Judy A. on Sep 14, 2017

I was very satisfied!

The worker was very friendly + pleasant. He was done in no time! He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions.

Mariette Donovan on Jun 25, 2013

I was disappointed that several small marks did not come out, including a light coffee stain and just stuff tracked in by shoes.

The carpet cleaner was a pleasant and professional person. He was on time and worked hard. I was disappointed that the equipment couldn't take out several marks, including a one light coffee stain and one light drink stain, and some tougher grime brought in by shoes that shows up as dark spots in our light colored carpet. I would think those are the reasons why people have their carpets cleaned professionally. I do a pretty good job of taking care of stains when they occur so I know what can accomplished.

Joel Davidson on May 31, 2013

Very satisfied with the service and results

MCC did a great job- our carpets look new again! They were friendly, on time and reasonably priced.

Michelle Anderle on May 25, 2013

Above Average.

Good, professional and quick.

Erik Jensen on Apr 30, 2013

Happy with the service.

I actually got a deal from a Groupon for their service. It was good, they did a good job. They even added on a few extra items last minute. I would use the service again.

Jen Bailey on Apr 12, 2013

On time - nice guy.

Jennifer Flad on Apr 08, 2013


I was able to get on the schedule right away. That was an added plus. Service provider was attentive and polite.

Dj Lawson on Apr 05, 2013

Service Rep was very efficient!

Good price for great work. My only complaint is that after I looked closely I noticed a blue stain on the carpet in the middle bedroom that was not there before. Wondering if this was a spill of a cleaning product. I know the stain wasn't there before because the bed had been over this area and when I vacumn d I didn't see anything in this area. If anyone wanted to look at this stain and consider comping me for the damage it would be appreciated. They could get entry to look at it by contacting the tenant - Julie Kim at 608-658-3315.

Carol Gifford on Apr 04, 2013

I will recommend Mass Carpet Care and I will be using them again.

I was not going to be able to make the appointment I had scheduled and I called them to see if they could get into my house and just bill me for the service. They were able to accommodate my traveling schedule and complete the job without me being there. They cleaned the family room and the staircase and they were able to get the spots out of the carpet in the staircase. I am very happy with the end product.

Alex Gibson on Apr 02, 2013

Did a great job, and explained treatment, process, etc. before he got started.

I would recommend Mass to my friends/co-workers. He treated several pet stains and the carpet looks so much better.

Amy Larson on Apr 02, 2013

Carpets really got clean!

My carpets look wonderful. I am especially pleased that a very soiled area around the dining room table got completely clean. The team that were here (on a miserably hot day) were pleasant, professional, communicative (I mean they answered questions and explained things). They even did me a little favor, bringing in my garbage cans.

Elizabeth Shirah on Jul 23, 2011

Absolutely wonderful!

Mass Carpet Care was absolutely wonderful! The only hesitation I had about the whole thing, and it's probably just in my head, but it seemed like it was very quick. My carpet was really disgusting, and they did the best job they could with it. I moved everything I could out of the room except for the heavy furniture. The only thing I would say that would have been nice is if they could have moved some of the heavier furniture back and forth to get underneath it, but they didn't seem to do that so much. Other than that, I thought they were great.

Sarah L on Jul 20, 2011

They were great!

I first heard of Mass through Groupon. They were very easy to schedule with, pleasant on the phone, and very personable when they arrived. I'll contact Mass again when I need more work done!

Sarah Congdon on Jun 30, 2011

Speedy great cleaning!

Gordy and Jiliian did a great job getting my carpet cleaned! It was fast and the carpet looks great!

Joylin Buchanan on Jun 26, 2011

Friendly and thorough cleaners

Mass Carpet Care was WAY better than the other carpet cleaner we've used in Madison (Tony Tobias from Steam-N-Dry, who left our house wet and smelling like a toxic waste dump for three nights and wouldn't return phone calls asking for advice). I was hesitant to ever get my carpets cleaned again, but Mass Carpet Care reassured me that they used non-toxic, organic cleaners. They ended up doing a great job. Mass Carpet Care pros: -Everybody at every stage of the process was cheerful and friendly. -My carpets turned out very clean (no more spots)! -They were willing to work with me on what counted as an "area." The cons: -I couldn't get an appointment for a couple of weeks. I think this was because they had just put out a Groupon coupon (which I'd bought) and had many new customers. -They should confirm what extras you're agreeing to pay for before they do them. We had talked about both pet treatment and Scotchgard options, but I didn't think that I was agreeing to do both and ended up being charged for both. I had wanted to pick one or the other. This issue could be easily resolved by giving the customer the bill before starting rather than after completion. Or by confirming what had been agreed to before doing it. - My carpets took over 18 hours to dry, not the 4-5 hours that Mass Carpet had predicted. However, this was still much better than the three days that it took my carpets to dry after the other company did the cleaning. Overall, I give Mass Carpet a high score and would heartily recommend them to others.

Nina C. on Jun 22, 2011

We were impressed

The 2 workers were friendly, professional, they seemed to know their trade, they worked efficiently and left letting us know what to expect about drying time.

Carol Brader on Jun 21, 2011

Thank you!

Thanks for renewing the life of our carpets!

Anna M on Jun 17, 2011

Really good!

We had water come in from the store above. Mass Carpet Care came in, and they cleaned it up real good. They were really good! They did a nice job, and we were very pleased with them.

Morgans Shoes Inc. on Jun 08, 2011

Flood in the basement

Mass carpet care was great, kind, fast, and caring. they did a great job and checked up on us to make sure the job was done. i truly recommend them and couldn't be happier with their professionalism.

Ben Lisser on Jun 06, 2011

Very Clean Carpets!

They did a fabulous job with our house! The carpets are refreshed/renewed, and our stair/hallway carpet looks like new again (they were in worn out shape). We had our entire house cleaned by Mass, including our kitchen tile, and they did a phenomenal job! They were efficient, professional, and effective! The carpet did feel a tiny bit "scratchy" the first few days but now it's soft and fluffy again once i vacuumed. We had them scotch guarded too 🙂 Thanks Mass... We'll be a lifelong customer! Spend the little extra money people on Mass, it's totally worth it!

Jen B on Jun 06, 2011

Wet dirty carpet and very unprofessional

I hired this company to clean my carpets. I had placed a bid on an offer they posted on Bid Madison. I won. I was to have 1250 sq ft cleaned. They did not. I came home from work (a 12 hr shift) and I have spent the last 2.5 hours soaking up the water left in my carpets. The water was dirty! I have taken pictures and wish I could post these to their site. I called the business and complained. He said " you are an angry person" I said "Yes!" You did a #$$ job". He stated "You coupon people are all alike" and hung up on me. During the conversation I told him I was using my Hoover steam vac to suck up the water they left behind. When I hired them to do the job I asked him point blank about complaints on the "carpet was soaked". He said it was a malfunction and it was fixed. Evidently they never fixed their malfunction equipment. He said they did their best work. I hate to see what their worse work! To top this all off they charged my fiance another $80.00! He said a hall way was not included. I thought repeatable business inform the customer of extra charges before they do the work?

Karla M on May 28, 2011

They were okay.

I didn't really care when Mass Carpet Care showed up, so they were fine for me when it came to their availability. One of my bigger concerns though was the brand new furniture in my bedroom. I had asked them to raise it off the carpet before they cleaned, but they didn't do that. Other than that, the cleaning was okay. I'm not sure if I would need them again, and I would have to think about it, but I guess they were okay.

Joy De Signe on May 17, 2011

Quick, efficient cleaning

The reps came in and did a quick and great job. I barely noticed that they were there. My carpets had some stains and everything except the red juice stain came out. I would definitely recommend them to my friends.

Maria R on May 10, 2011

Good job

I needed my carpets cleaned on short notice, and they were able to schedule me the very next morning. Their office called to let me know they were running a few minutes late, which wasn't a big deal for me but I appreciated them letting me know. Two people showed up; I have never seen more than one at a time for carpet cleaning before. After I told them what I wanted, they explained what they were going to do and set to work as a team. They were done with my three rooms and hallway in about 45 mins., including an area of pet stain treatment. They calculated the best offer for me based on the coupons I had. I am used to the carpets taking a lot longer to dry than the cleaners tell me to expect them to, and these did, but not as long as usual; they were pretty dry almost everywhere in a few hours. (I have had it take over 24 hours for the carpets to dry.) The team was very professional and efficient, and the pet stain treatment worked well.

Trish Mc Williams on May 08, 2011

Super Service

The two individuals arrived early, were accommodating and clear about the terms of service, and overall did a great job. Our carpets look almost like new and I would definitely call again for service and recommend Mass Carpet to anyone.

Danika L on Apr 28, 2011


I called Mass Carpet Cleaning due to a nasty dog accident today. Yeah, one of those "accidents" you CAN NOT clean on your own! Mass was here in 10 minutes of me calling for HELP! Plus, they were out with in about 35 minutes! I rcvd a VERY reasonable deal for 2 rooms and my hallways. Im impressed with their time of arrival, their professionalism and whatever they used to clean and treat my dog stained carpets! JILLIAN, YOU RAWWWK!! Gord, you are not too bad yourself! HA, thanks again guys! You will be hearing from a handful of people I know, including myself!

Latasha H on Apr 27, 2011

Truck broke down and wet floors

We decided to get our carpets cleaned before moving into our new house. We called Mass Carpet Care to get details about their services. We were told that the carpets would dry in 2-4 hours. So, we scheduled the carpet cleaning for the day before we moved in. After only cleaning a small portion of our carpets, their truck broke down, and they had to go and get another truck, which took about 30 minutes. When they came back, they brought a very old looking truck, which would have been fine, except that the next day, our carpets were still very wet. Our TV man came to install our satellite, and had to take off this shoes and socks because the carpets were still very wet! We call Mass Carpet Care, and they did bring over a few fans to help with the drying, but the fact that the carpets were still wet was very inconvenient with our move.

Tony Bierke on Apr 27, 2011

Not happy with service

When I called to make the appt. I told them what coupon I was using and that for my 3 rooms I wanted to do one regular room, a hallway and a set of stairs, they said fine, no other details were given or discussed. The cleaners arrived almost an hour late. They said I could add another room, I was a little confused by this. They cleaned 2 rooms, a hallway and a set of stairs. I expected to pay for the scotch guard that I added. The bill came to $120 after my coupon for 3 rooms. I confronted the staff and he charged $85 for the stairway/hallway. I told him when I called I discussed what I was having cleaned and was not told the coupon could not not be used for this. He went on to say the company only makes $35 on this deal, I told him that was not my problem that is how they chose to advertise/offer. I thought one room, a short hallway and stairway was a fair equivlent to 3 rooms and since I was not told this could no be a substitution that the person who took my appointment should be clear in explaining this. There was no attempt to remedy the miscommunication- just excuses, like" I did the stairs by hand", I was thinking, is there another way to do it? that is how I have to vaccum too! They also did not even have a rag or towel to clean up the extra water that was all over the wooden flooring from room to stairs and the flooring next to each step as they are not even completely covered. I had to use 2 of my own towels to clean up after them. Not impressed.

Susan Bender on Apr 27, 2011

Job Well Done.

Purchased a deal through LivingSocial to have them come out and give my carpets a good cleaning. They arrived on time, Carpets look good again. Thanks for everything. Look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

Lance Reisen on Apr 27, 2011

Excellent job!

Our carpets had several pet and food stains as well as dirt from a recent major renovation. The workers were on time, and the carpets look great - they got all the stains.

Pat Wildgen on Apr 26, 2011

Mass Carpet Care provided great service and was easy to schedule with.

Overall, I think that Mass Carpet Care did a really good job. They arrived a little later then expected, but got right to work. They even came back the next day to work on a particular spot. I thought they were pleasant, fast and really focused on what I told them needed special attention. I was a little surprised that the carpets stayed wetter than I thought they would. Based on talking to them, I thought they'd dry a little faster. Even though I thought it was a bit pricier than what I thought they'd be, I'd use their services again and I was satisfied with the work they did.

Joel Davidson on Mar 16, 2011

They did a really thorough job. Quick, friendly, and easy to get a hold of.

I think Mass Carpet Care did a really thorough job. We're a martial arts school, and we get a lot of foot traffic in here. The carpets were completely filthy, but they got all the stains out like we asked them to. They were quick, they were very friendly, and they did a quality job, even though they were in and out in a day with all our students coming and going. They were also easy to get a hold of. I've called so many 1-800 numbers for carpet places and never talk to anybody, but I can get a hold of Mass anytime. The day of the work, the owner himself came out and met us. He introduced the company and everything, and they came back and finished the job the next day.

Jaime Whitely, Kicks Unlimited on Mar 10, 2011

Mass Carpet Care saved me lots of money!!

After moving into my new place in Madison, it became apparent some carpet cleaning was necessary. A couple of the rooms in this place were unbearably smelly and the carpet was very dirty and black in some areas. I seriously thought the carpeting would need to be replaced. I called Mass Carpet Care and spoke with Gordy. I informed him of my situation. He personally dropped by my place the same day and evaluated the carpet situation. Gordy assured me he and his crew would be able to, and I quote, "Remove all of the odor from the room and all of the dirt from the carpeting." I was skeptical but took him for his word. The following morning Mass Carpet Care arrived at my place. Within an hour of their arrival, they had completely and thoroughly cleaned the carpeting in two a very large hallways, two rooms, and cleaned two 8 foot runner carpets. I returned home that evening from work and was completely shocked at how great the carpets looked...Honestly! The carpeting now looks nearly new, completely free of dirt and grime, the odor that had once been trapped in the carpeting is gone....and I mean GONE!! Completely. Let's not forget the price, more than competetive. What Gordy quoted me is what I paid, not a single add on charge. Very impressive. And of course, I did not have to replace any carpeting. I can honestly say that I will use Mass Carpet Care for ALL of my future flooring care needs. Gordy's word is as good as it gets. Thank You Gordy and Mass Carpet Care.

Chad Cross on Jan 08, 2011

Out of the flooring companies I have dealt with, Mass Carpet Care has been the best.

Our floors have not been done in over 10 years, and after Mass Carpet Care refinished them they look like they are brand new. All we had done for maintenance was a daily mop, if we were lucky. The floors really are unbelievable looking; they look so good I don't really want people to walk on them. We had the floors done originally in 2000, but the company went out of business. Other flooring companies didn't want to do anything with it because they were worried about ruining the floors. I called Gordy, and he took a look at everything. He was very professional and did some research for us. The floors were done in less than a day, and we have a lot of walk space. It looks amazing. We have also used Mass Carpet Care for cleaning our carpets, and they have always done a great job with our dealership. Try them; you will love them. They do a very, very good job. I have had to deal with a lot of other flooring companies, and in my opinion Mass Carpet Care has been the best. Sauk Prairie Harley Davidson

Crystal Crystal on Jan 06, 2011

Great service

Mass was right on time and the price was what he quoted us. Our house smelled great and the they did a great job. I will be using them again.

Scott Nyland on Dec 23, 2010

Mass Carpet Care

Mass Carpet Care was wonderful! They did a fantastic job cleaning my carpet. They arrived on time and were respectful of my home. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for quality carpet cleaning done by professionals that care.

Allyson Casey on Nov 18, 2010

They do a good job.

It has been quite a while that we have been using Mass Carpet Care. I think that we were their first customer. I have used them for the business and for my house. We have just had them for carpet cleaning, and it is good. They call to check up afterwards, and if there is ever any problem they come and take care of it. They do a good job, and we keep having them come back.

Melanie H. on Oct 14, 2010

Mass is a miracle worker!

My carpets were not just bad, they were gross. I had let about five years of babies and chocolate milk spills add up. Don't forget the new love of my 20 month old, bananas. Jillian came in and pretreated the areas that needed it. She helped me move a few small items out of the way, and she got the job done in about 1.5 hours. I have before and after shots on my facebook page. Amazing! I would highly recommend this company!

Gina Anderson Richardson on Oct 08, 2010

Easy to work with. They were finished in a short time and they left no mess.

This was our second or third time using Mass Carpet Care. I did not have a bad experience last time I used them a year ago so we decided to try them again. They did a really good job. They were prompt, they showed up when they said, and they got out all of the spots. And, as a busy retail establishment, we definitely had a few tough spots.

Rita @ Scrapbook Superstore on Sep 22, 2010

Great job!

They were in and out in an hour and had my old beat-up carpet almost looking new again. I definitely will be recommending to friends.

Dianne F on Sep 16, 2010

On time, fast and professional.

They did a great job cleaning our office carpets. We needed to work in phases and they were very accommodating. The carpets look great

Jessica I on Aug 04, 2010

On time, professional, committed

Gordy and Jillian turned my old carpet with stains, looking brand new again. You would never know this is where the teenagers hangout! Thanks for all your hard work!

Mary Jo Mangan on Jun 18, 2010

Easy to work with.

I have been at the restaurant for 3 years and Mass Carpet Care has been great. They have always provided great service to us, even when we scaled back our use of them. We used to have them do our chairs as well, but now we have leather chairs, so they do our carpets only. Everything looks great. We are a higher-end restaurant, but even so there is a noticeable difference in cleanliness after they have finished. I trust them, and they are accommodating. They operate under the hours we need. I like working with them, and they are easy to work with. I even had them do our home. I would highly recommend them. Craig Madigan, General Manager Johnny Delmonico's

Gregg Matigen on Jun 15, 2010

Excellent service, carpet and couch/chair were so clean!

The service was excellent and efficient. I was able to get someone to come out within 24 hours of calling. Service was friendly and quality was outstanding. I had carpets and furniture cleaned. They even moved the furniture to clean underneath. I would highly recommend Mass carpet cleaning.

Kriistie Guite on May 11, 2010

Did a great job in a reasonable amount of time.

Arrived in a timely manner and completed the cleaning in a thorough way as I had instructed. Worked quickly but professionally.

Chari Suiter on Apr 30, 2010

Great work, great people

This was money well spent. Professional, efficient, no nasty chemical smells, made sure my pets didn't get lost too.

Latanya Richardson on Mar 08, 2010

They were very friendly and helpful. It was a spur of the moment thing and they handled everything very nicely. Carpets turned out great!

Our landlords sent them to clean one room of our office after a pipe leaked in the wall and there was a lot of water damage. While they were here I asked for an estimate for the entire office. He said they could do it right then as long as they were here and gave me a reasonable price. I decided to have them clean the whole office. It was a spur of the moment decision and I feel they handled it very well. They were both very friendly and helpful. It didn’t take that long and didn’t interrupt our business for too long. The carpets look great and I will recommend them to anyone asking. Thanks!

Ann Peterson on Mar 05, 2010

Very professional!

I highly recommend Mass Carpet Care! They did an excellent job and made my dingy carpets shine again!!

Holly Lutz on Feb 19, 2010

Quick yet quality work....also gave lots of educational information

was impressed with knowledge and sharing of information to educate me in the process. Work was done quickly but not at the expense of doing a great job.

Tammy Lee on Dec 08, 2009

Excellent job

I have had several professional carpet cleanings with different companies. Mass Carpet Care did the best job, hands down. My berber carpet was FILTHY (I have 3 kids and 2 dogs) and Mass made it look like new! They were efficient and very friendly.

Rachel Glanville on Nov 23, 2009

Mass Carpet Care comes to the Rescue again!!!

From the time I met Gordy the owner of Mass Carpet Care, through martial art, I knew he was a stand up guys as most martial artist are. I own THE BLAST Martial Arts and Fitness in Madison, WI and Gordy came to join my classes. Upon arriving at my school Gordy told me, Boy it sticks like sweat in here". I told him my usual line, "well yeah we actually workout". Gordy replied with the fact that smelling this bad could turn some customers away. Besides cleaning the place with a vacumm and a mop and bucket I never thought I would need a Carpet Cleaner to come in. Gordy offered to give me a sample of what his machine can do. After him showing me for 1 minute I said, "LETS DO THIS". My gym smelled brand new and I was so excited.. It truely helped me sign up more people as it showed how we took care of our facility. This week I called Gordy with an emergency. Some people who visited my school had Staph Infection and I need the place cleaned right away. Gordy move some other clients around to get me take care of right away the next day!! Without Mass Carpet Care this could have been a disaster waiting to happen. As a owner of a business and seeing the results Mass Carpet Care has done for me I definately recommend them to anyone. They come professionally and eager to work right away. No down time, and No false estimates.. Thanks Mass Carpet Care for once again coming to the Rescue!! Mike Vaughn THE BLAST Martial Arts and Fitness Madison, WI

Mike on Nov 13, 2009


Very happy

Greg Simonis on Nov 02, 2009

The service provided by mass carpet care was perfect! i will use it again and i will certainly recommend their business to friends and associates of mine.

To Whom It May Concern: I would recommend Mass Carpet Care to friends and associates of mine. Gordy was professional, knowledgeable and was able to take care of our needs. I will certainly pass along his cards to my circle of friends! Another satisfied customer, Van W. Stoutt

Van Stoutt on Oct 26, 2009


They do a great job and came on short notice! Got out some really tough stains!

Mike Bailey on Oct 19, 2009
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